Customer Service



Getting Started
From the Home page click on "Shop" in the top menu bar, & select "Browse by Type" or "Browse by Brand". Then click on the label for the category you are interested in. You can also browse the store by using the drop down menus at the top, or by typing a keyword into the search bar at the top.

The Catalogue Page
Each product for the brand or category you selected is listed here. Click on one of the products to view the details.

The Product Page
This page provides detailed information on the selected product. You also have the option of selecting a size and colour on some products.

Zooming In
Click on the product picture. This opens a new window with a larger image of the product. To close with window, just click on the larger image again.

You can browse through other products in the current category by using the drop down menus at the top, or returning to the previous page using the back arrow.

Once you have chosen a product you wish to purchase, select the size and colour (if available) and the number of items you with to purchase (quantity). Click the Add to Cart button.

The Cart
Each time you add an item to your Cart it is placed on this page. You can go back and browse through other products by clicking the back arrow, or clicking on the main page. Don't worry, your Cart will 'remember' what you have placed in it and your items will still be there when you return. You can return to your Cart any time by clicking the Cart icon at the top of all pages.

The Cart page also allows you to remove a product, or change the quantity. The Cart will automatically update a few moments after making any changes.

Selecting Delivery
To process the cost of delivery, we ask that you select a delivery type and destination on the Cart page.

Once you have finished shopping, select your country and a delivery option from the drop down menus. The price of delivery will vary depending on where the package is being sent to, and the total weight of the products you have ordered.

Notice that once the page refreshes, the totals have changed at the bottom of the page. If you chose a New Zealand destination, GST will have been added to the totals.

Once you are ready to order, click the Checkout button.

Customer Information
Next you will be required to provide shipping information and payment details. This page is displayed over a secure connection, so the information you supply here is completely safe. If you are a returning customer and have logged in, the fields will have already been filled in for you. Please note that the fields marked with a red star (*) require completion.

Once you have filled out this information, click the Submit Order button to process your order. When your order has successfully been submitted you will receive the following message - 
"Thank you
Your order has now been sent to us. We will process it and send it out to you as soon as possible."